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Articles featuring Firasti
Holding Fort - An Article regarding heritage walks conducted in Pune by Various Organizations. Firasti's efforts are acknowledged in this. (Date - 9th Jan 2019)
Ganesh Festival Heritage Walks - Firasti Conducted a program called '10 days 10 heritage walks' in the Ganesh Festival of 2019. The same has been covered in this news. ( Date - 2nd September 2019)
A Heritage walk conducted by Firasti in the city of Wai on 17th October 2021 was covered in a short article. (Date - 19th October 2021)
An appreciation post regarding heritage walks conducted in different cities in India. Firasti got featured for our work related to heritage in the city of Pune/ (Date - 6th September 2020)
Writings of Firasti Founders

Anurag Vaidya

Anurag Vaidya has been a constant when it comes to creating content related to Travel. He has written more than 100 articles in the newspapers. He is a co-author of book Firasti Maharashtrachi and author of book called Maharashtrachi Shodhyatra.

Shantanu Paranjape

Shantanu Paranjape started his personal blog on his travel experiences in December 2015. Since then he has published more than 50 articles in Various Newspapers. He has co-authored a book along with Anurag and published his first one which is titled as 'Gajapurcha Ransangram'

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