Our Projects

Heritage Tours

Heritage Tours

Heritage tours to various history places in Maharashtra has always been our forte. We have conducted around 30+ tours in last 1.5 years with more than 400+ participants. We conduct tours to various offbeat places which are lessor known..


Informative treks

We conducted guided treks to forts like Rajgad, Rohida, Shivneri, Pratapgad with the history experts like Dr. Sachin Joshi and Mahesh Tendulkar. Rather than just trekking, it is more important to have historic information about these forts.

City Heritage walks

10 days 10 ganpati

Its a project undertaken by Firasti Maharashtrachi in 2019 where it counducted free walks in Ganesh Festival for 10 days and delivered information about 10 unknown Ganesh Temples of Pune. On an average 15 people attended each walk.

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