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Experience the glorious history of Maharashtra through our eyes where we provide bundle of services to you…

Heritage Tours

Heritage tours have been a forte of Firasti since day 1. We conduct heritage tours with the most perfection. We include caves, temples and some offbeat historical places while conducting the tours so that there will be a mixture.

City Heritage Walks

Currently we are operating in Pune city which was a administrative capital of Maratha empire. There are various historical places in the Pune city where we conduct heritage walks and we guide our participants through the glorious history of Peshwas.

Treks in Sahyadri

We conduct treks in the mighty sahyadri where history element is added along with the fun part. Forts are the important part of our history and rather than conducting treks to famous places we focues more than off beat forts with lot more history.

Wildlife Tours

We have a separate branch for wildlife tour which is managed by an expert. We conduct wildlife trails, bird-watching trails where we focuses more on a jungle aspect. We make sure that every participant shouldwill understand the importance of the nature.

School outing

We conduct school outing where we take students to historical places like caves, temples and guide them through the hisotry which is suuplementary to their school syllabus.

Customized Heritage walks

We conduct customized heritage walks as per the requirement either in Pune city or outisde the Pune city. The walks are decided after discusing with the client and accordingly the fees are charged.

Why Firasti Maharashtrachi

Well, now you must be asking a question that why we should travel with you. Here are some reasons

What You Get

What you get from us when you attend our tours.

Organized by people who care about History , the flora and fauna, as well as are mighty interested in spreading knowledge about the same. Essential that all of us attend these for trips/treks to understand more about nature, history and take their kids as well. This enables kids to understand through practical experience and relate to what they have learnt in school. A huge shout out to all the organizers of “Firasti Maharashtrachi” for the wonderful work being done here.
Sajan George
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